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Europe – Asia Center supporting the YuYuan Group launch of the flagship 'Guide to Local Delights' in Shanghai

Brussels - Shanghai, May 19th, 2024

On May 19th, in celebration of China National Tourism Day, YuYuan Group officially released "A Guide to Local Delights" of Shanghai. This guide aims to help inbound tourists deeply experience Shanghai's unique cultural charm and lifestyle aesthetics.


The Guide was designed by the YuYuan’s Group Institute for Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics Research, in collaboration with the European Institute for Comparative Urban Research (EURICUR), the Europe-Asia Center, and other institutions under the Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics Ecological Alliance. It highlights 140 distinctive cultural, commercial, and tourist spots in central Shanghai through hand-drawn illustrations. The Guide offers a comprehensive experience with its multifunctional approach, combining navigation, guidance, shopping, and promotion, thereby vividly showcasing Shanghai's vibrant cultural atmosphere, fashion sense, and international flair. The guide’s objective is to establish Shanghai as the premier destination for inbound tourism in China and a world-renowned tourist city.


Junjie Hu, Vice President, Spokesperson, and Director of the Institute for Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics Research at YUYUAN Inc., emphasized that Shanghai is not only China's economic center but also a globally renowned tourist destination and a convergence point of Eastern and Western cultures. Inbound tourism serves as a vital window for Shanghai to present its city image to the world. As a global family-oriented consumption industry group based in Shanghai, YUYUAN Inc. is committed to enhancing the quality of its products and services and optimizing the consumption environment for inbound tourists. This commitment aims to meet the increasingly diverse demands of the inbound tourism market, providing international tourists with a richer and more enjoyable travel and shopping experience. Furthermore, YUYUAN Inc. has prioritized Oriental lifestyle aesthetics in its strategy, refining the cultural attributes of its brands and products in ways that resonate with overseas consumers. The company also seeks to promote its high-quality projects and brands internationally, showcasing Chinese culture and Oriental lifestyle aesthetics to attract more overseas visitors to China and Shanghai.


The Guide is divided into four chapters: ‘Shanghai Must’, ‘Shanghai Speed’, ‘Local Shanghai’, and ‘Exploring Hidden Gems’, gradually unfolding Shanghai's story to the world. The 140 carefully selected experience points guide international visitors through four interactive actions—Navigating, Embracing, Sampling, and Exploring (N, E, S, E)—allowing them to engage with the oriental lifestyle aesthetics through all senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.


The selection of sites is based on the essence of Oriental culture and Shanghai's unique charm, incorporating high-frequency recommendations from international travel platforms, trending spots on social media, and official suggestions from the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism. These are the must-see spots that appeal to travelers worldwide, including Shanghai Classical Restaurant and Lu Bo Lang for authentic local cuisine, the Royal Workshop of Chinese Brush and Ink and Tong Han Chun Tang for intangible cultural heritage experiences, and revitalized historic cultural districts like Julu Road, Sinan Road, and Xintiandi. The Guide also features the South Bund Textile Market and the Shang Gang Farmer’s Market, which blend the urban atmosphere with local life.


The Guide's hand-drawn style, using delicate strokes and rich colors, vividly showcases Shanghai's oriental charm and lifestyle aesthetics, enhancing its visual appeal and helping tourists appreciate the city's unique allure.

To provide more convenient and practical services for inbound tourists, the Guide is available in both Chinese and English. It integrates traditional offline paper manuals with online platforms, with integration offering tourists convenience in transportation, payment, and other aspects. Tourists can purchase integrated day, three-day, and seven-day passes by scanning QR codes on the Guide, allowing seamless access to all modes of transportation in the city. The Guide also partners with the "Leyou Yuyuan" mini-program to launch a special "Shanghai Old City Tour," providing information on various commercial activities in the Yu Garden area and exclusive promotions.

To further support inbound tourism and attract more overseas consumers to China, YuYuan Group has accelerated its efforts to promote Chinese culture and Shanghai-style culture globally. From late 2023 to early 2024, the Yuyuan Lantern Festival, a renowned national intangible cultural heritage project, was held in Paris, France, for the first time, receiving praise from local French consumers. This event sparked interest in China and Chinese culture, encouraging French citizens to visit China and experience the Yuyuan Lantern Festival in Shanghai.

This approach aims to attract more overseas visitors to China, offering them a deeper understanding of the country.

For press enquiries:

Matic Gajšek, Director for Europe, Europe – Asia Center


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