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Europe – Asia Center

Europe – Asia Center joins the Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics & Ecological Alliance Cooperation

Paris, February 1st, 2023

On January 29, 2024, the preparatory meeting for the launch of the “Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics & Ecological Alliance” in partnership between Yu Yuan Group, Europe – Asia Center and European Institute For Comparative Urban Research (EURICUR). Europe – Asia Center was represented by Madame Sheila Arora, vice-chair, Matic Gajsek, director for Europe and May Ma, Director of the Cultural Communication.

Exploring the theme of “In Harmony with Nature, Linking Friends Across Mountains and Seas”, Madame Sheila Arora, on behalf of the Europe – Asia Center, Prof. Jan van der Borg, Director of EURICUR, and Junjie Hu, Vice President of Yu Yuan Group, signed a cooperation agreement to establish the Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics Ecological Alliance.

This alliance aims at connecting a range of organizations and enterprises in the Culture and Creative industries, specifically in domain of fashion, as well as culture and creative tourism, connecting it with investment and market opportunities in Europe and China. Alliance’s vision is to foster an Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics Ecological Circle based on the mutual understanding of civilizations, the coexistence of cultures, and the development of industrial co-creativity.

Mr. Junjie Hu from Yu Yuan Group highlighted Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics being among the “beauties of life”, discovered by Chinese people in different historical periods, of different classes and embodying a variety of perspectives. In an open and diverse world, Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics has become the vocabulary for China’s in-depth communication and interaction with people around the globe. Over the last few years Chinese enterprises, represented by Yu Yuan Group, have been actively practicing Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics, enhancing the industry’s cultural depth. For example, the Yuyuan Garden Lantern Festival, a national legacy project in China, has gone abroad and lit up the night sky of Paris, becoming a popular leisure event for the local people. Similarly, the landmark of Shanghai’s urban cultural and tourism industry, the Grand Yuyuan District is introducing European fashion resources to promote the city’s diverse characteristics, and to create a humanistic neighborhood where the East and the West meet together.

Madame Sheila Arora emphasized that cooperation between Europe – Asia Center, Yu Yuan Group and EURICUR once again reflects the importance of dialogues between China and Europe. Cultural exchanges and cultural and tourism industries are not only a driving force for economic prosperity, but also a means to deepen the mutual understanding. In the current context of regional inequality and cultural barriers, Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics presents a constructive solution by prioritizing humanistic communication, industrial interaction and the quality of life for citizens around the globe. We are pleased to see that Yu Yuan Group is continuously building high-quality cultural and tourism industry products by leveraging its rich industrial foundation and cultural resources. The Europe Asia Center will also facilitate communication and collaboration among industry stakeholders, governments, non-for profit organizations and at various levels, so as to contribute to the establishment of the Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics system.

Prof. Jan van der Borg highlighted the significance of sustainable development, which has garnered widespread support in European countries. Concept that encompasses ecological friendliness, energy innovation, environmental responsibility, and the preservation of cultural heritage. Yu Yuan Group’s strategy for Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics not only centers on culture but also emphasizes the integration of cultural styles with industrial scenarios. It serves as an exemplary case study for society’s sustainable development and aligns seamlessly with the trajectory of Sino-European dialogue. The ongoing construction in the Grand Yuyuan District is both dynamic and challenging. EURICUR is eager to contribute its expertise to elevate the distinct identity of this century-old cultural district in terms of residential, cultural, and industrial spaces. The goal is to transform it into a benchmark for comparative studies between Chinese and European cities.

Xiang Feng, Director of the EURICUR Shanghai Branch and Liling Li, Director of the Institute for Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics Research at Yu Yuan Group presented an overview of the collaborative project-the design and production of the Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics Experience Guide. Focused on inbound tourism to Shanghai, the guide integrates rich Eastern aesthetic scenes and popular landmarks, providing a distinctive Oriental aesthetic experience for incoming visitors with a user-friendly, visually appealing format.

For press enquiries:

Matic Gajšek, Director for Europe, Europe – Asia Center E-mail: m.gajsek(at)


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