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Europe – Asia Center: H.E. Violeta Bulc on Mobility as driver of Social cohesion (The Mobility Sphere)

Brussels, April 19th, 2024

At the second edition of the Mobility Sphere conference organized by Transdev, held on April 18th in Brussels under the theme Mobility as a driver of social cohesion,” H.E. Madame Violeta Bulc, Vice-Chair of the Europe-Asia Center, delivered a captivating keynote address, urging attendees to confront the pressing issue of growing disparities within and across EU Member States.

Drawing from her extensive experience as the former EU Commissioner of Transport, Madame Bulc emphasized the imperative of innovative measures to bridge the social divide between urban and rural areas. She underscored the importance of bringing transportation infrastructure back to rural regions, highlighting citizen dialogues as powerful tools for fostering democratic participation and community ownership.

In a bold departure from conventional approaches, Madame Bulc challenged the contemporary reliance on cutting-edge technological solutions, advocating instead for affordable and inclusive strategies. Additionally, she stressed the necessity of supranational and global cooperation to address complex challenges, including those related to Space.

Closing her address, Madame Bulc emphasized the virtues of resilience, adaptability, and flexibility in navigating today's unpredictable landscape. "The more we plan, the less we predict," she astutely observed.

For press enquiries:

Matic Gajšek, Director for Europe, Europe – Asia Center


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