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Europe – Asia Center: Announcement of strategic partnership with Pangoal Think-Tank

Brussels, March 18th, 2024

In a landmark development, the Europe-Asia Center and Pangoal, one of China’s leading think-tanks, have officially announced a strategic partnership aimed at fostering closer collaboration between the European and Asian communities. The partnership agreement was formalized at a ceremony in Beijing, marking the beginning of an exciting journey towards enhanced cooperation and mutual growth.

With a shared vision of bolstering relationships between Europe and Asia, the partnership between the Europe-Asia Center and Pangoal seeks to facilitate deeper understanding and engagement across various sectors. Through this collaboration, both entities aspire to empower Asian businesses with comprehensive insights into the European market while assisting European enterprises in navigating the complexities of the Chinese market landscape.

We are delighted to embark on this transformative partnership with Pangoal,” remarked Erik Solheim, Co-Chair at the Europe-Asia Center and signatory of the strategic partnership. “Our joint efforts will not only promote economic exchange but also facilitate dialogues on critical political issues, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between our regions.”

Pangoal, under the leadership of Yi Peng, is recognized as a leading Beijing-based think tank renowned for its comprehensive research and initiatives addressing key global challenges. With a focus on areas such as green development, artificial intelligence, ageing society, and conflict resolution, Pangoal’s expertise is poised to enrich the partnership’s scope and impact.

The partnership between the Europe-Asia Center and Pangoal signifies a commitment to fostering inclusive dialogue and collaboration between Europe and Asia. By leveraging their respective strengths and networks, both organizations aim to inspire connections across cultural, artistic, sporting, historical, and heritage domains, enriching the fabric of intercontinental relations.

For press enquiries:

Matic Gajšek, Director for Europe, Europe – Asia Center


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