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Press release: Her Excellency Dr. hc. Violeta Bulc, former EU Commissioner for Transport and Mobility and Deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia joins the board of Europe-Asia Center

Brussels – November 7th, 2023

The Brussels based Europe-Asia Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Her Excellency dr. hc. Violeta Bulc, the Commissioner for Transport and Mobility in Juncker’s Commission (2014 – 2019) and former Deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia as member of the board. Excellency Bulc is currently also serving as curator for Ecocivilisation Initiative, #G100 Global Chair for the Women World Economic Forum and member of the board of Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI).

“It is an honour and privilege for me to join the board of the Europe-Asia Center. It is more important than ever to build bridges, strengthen global relationships and jointly learn how to “human better”. Asia and Europe are just at the beginning of an exciting collaborative future with huge potentials for leading the way for a more inclusive, peaceful and engaging world. The transition from Holocene to Anthropocene era is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous which will require a lot of trust, innovation and proactive decision making to curate an emergence of a new stability on our precious Planet. I know that with my rich and diversified experience I can be a valuable member of this mission driven far-reaching Center.” said Her Excellency Violeta Bulc.

“I’m thrilled and honored to welcome Violeta Bulc as the Vice Chairwoman and Board Member of the Europe Asia Center. Her interest to join the Center perfectly aligns with her well-established international and European standing and reputation, which will undoubtedly bolster the Center’s role as a bridge between Europe and Asia. With her Slovenian heritage and strong passion for improving the human condition and harnessing the potential of innovation and technology, Violeta will play a key role in helping the Center address issues like the emerging global technological divide. As the Chairman of the Board, I look forward to collaborating with Violeta and benefiting from her wealth of knowledge and experience” said Ambassador (ret.) Piet Steel, Chairman of the Europe-Asia Center.

As a board member of the Europe-Asia Center, Excellency dr. hc. Violeta Bulc will contribute to the strategic development and practice of the Europe-Asia Center through her expertise and extensive experience in national and EU governance, leadership, science, technology and innovation. Having served as the EU Commissioner for Transport and Mobility between 2014 and 2019, Violeta Bulc brings expertise that is critical to the current geopolitical dynamics and civilization paradigms between East and West.

About the Europe-Asia Center

The Europe-Asia Center is an independent, not-for-profit organization promoting Asia-Europe relations by connecting professionals, institutions, organizations and networks across all sectors. Through implementation of projects, including conferences, workshops, cultural events, publications, educational and research programs, the mission of the Europe- Asia Center is to connect people and knowledge across continents.

For press enquiries:

Matic Gajšek, Director for Europe, Europe – Asia Center


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