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Europe – Asia Center

Europe – Asia Center: High-Level Exchanges with GEIDCO to Accelerate Green Transition

Brussels, June 18th, 2024

On Monday, June 17th, a high-level delegation from the Europe-Asia Center, led by Co-Chairs H.E. Erik Solheim and H.E. Jean de Ruyt, welcomed a delegation from the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO), headed by Secretary-General Wu Xian, in Brussels.

Commencing with opening speeches from Secretary-General Wu, Co-Chair Solheim, and Co-Chair de Ruyt, the meeting progressed with GEIDCO providing a detailed summary of its initiatives and goals. Following this, Professor Wei Shen, Vice-Chair of the Europe-Asia Center, elaborated on the Center's activities.

The subsequent dialogue was insightful, leading to an agreement to strengthen collaboration in several key areas, including capacity building and the joint hosting of events aimed at promoting the renewable energy transition.

Vice-Chair Professor Wei Shen remarked, “The renewable energy transition is not just an environmental imperative but a monumental challenge that requires global cooperation. GEIDCO stands as a pivotal force in this field, and our collaboration has the potential to create powerful synergies. Together, I am hopeful that we can contribute to turning the tide towards a sustainable future and making significant strides in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

For press enquiries:

Jonathan Schwestka, Project Coordinator, Europe – Asia Center


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