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Europe – Asia Center

Europe – Asia Center: Exploring Synergies with the Balkans & Black Sea Forum

Brussels, June 7th, 2024

On Thursday, 6th of June, the Europe-Asia Center had the pleasure of virtually meeting H.E. Ambassador Michael Christides, Co-Chair of the Executive Committee of the Balkans & Black Sea Forum (BBSF), and Mr. Giannis Balakakis, Chair of the Organizing Committee of the BBSF and President of the Board of Directors of the Geo Routes Cultural Institute.

In an productive discussion, the two sides explored strategies to enhance cultural tourism, advance gender equality and social inclusion, and strengthen the ties between Europe and Asia. Additionally, Europe-Asia Vice-Chair H.E. Madame Violeta Bulc presented her Ecocivilisation initiative, which generated significant interest.

Mr. Matic Gajsek, Director for Europe of the Europe-Asia Center, noted with satisfaction: "The Europe-Asia Center and the Balkans & Black Sea Forum are, to use an expression that is very much en vogue in recent years, very much "like-minded" organizations. Following this introductory meeting, I am eager to collaborate on concrete and forward-looking projects."

For press enquiries:

Jonathan Schwestka, Project Coordinator, Europe – Asia Center


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