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Europe - Asia Center at COP 28: H.E. Erik Solheim with emphasis on the need to accelerate the process of just transition

Brussels December 7th, 2023

Concluding the first week of the 28th edition of the United Nations (UN) Annual Climate conference (COP28), held in Dubai, H.E. Erik Solheim engaged in a broad range of high-level events hosted by governmental and industry stakeholders.

Mr. Solheim’s participation during the first week of COP28 contributed to some of the key events, offering invaluable insights to world leaders on successfully implementing green energy initiatives.

Noteworthy highlights encompassed events such as ‘Ecological Civilization and the Practice of Beautiful China,’ ‘Global Energy Interconnection,’ ‘China’s Overseas Green Energy Investment, and Green and Just Transition,’ and ‘Ambition of Energy Transition: Pioneers Addressing Climate Change.’ His involvement aligned with his broader advocacy emphasizing the need to accelerate the process of a just transition towards sustainability.

Mr. Solheim’s advocacy priorities encompassed promoting green energy, achieving carbon neutrality, and safeguarding the environment. He stressed the importance of tailoring strategies for transitioning to cleaner energy sources tailored to each nation’s context.

Remarkably, Mr. Solheim led discussions on regions including Spain, Korea, Africa, and Russia. Events he participated in included the ‘GH2: COP28 Side Event at the Korea Pavilion: Fast-tracking the energy transition through free hydrogen production’, the Africa Session on ‘Global Renewables Hub: In the driving seat of the African renewables and green hydrogen economy,” and the Russia event ‘Towards a Blue-Green Economy’.

Additionally, Mr. Solheim participated as a distinguished panelist in the ‘GH2 Spain: Energy Transition Ambition at COP28 and Beyond’ event, deliberating strategies for better worldwide deployment of renewables, particularly in the West. He underscored three main issues: the need for political leadership in driving and actively engaging in renewable energy initiatives within civil society, global dialogue on national energy transition strategies and projects, and greater transparency and community inclusion in major renewable projects to mitigate fears and obstacles that impede implementations. Stronger political will and empowered community engagement are essential for the prosperous development of societies.

H.E. Erik Solheim, vice-chair of the Europe – Asia Center and Lord Nicholas Stern

In the coming days, Mr. Solheim will participate in several key events, including the ‘Seminar on Belt and Road Green and Low-carbon Transition,’ ‘Yabuli Chinese Entrepreneurs Forum Delegation,’ and the event ‘Towards Carbon Neutrality: China’s Green Economy Action and Outlook.’ These engagements reflect his steadfast support for environmental initiatives and commitment to advancing green and low-carbon transition projects crucial for global sustainability.

Mr. Solheim will conclude his presence at COP28 on December 11th, contributing to the UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub Pavilion event ‘Design, Digitalization, and Sustainable Development: The Role Of Creative Arts And Industries In Sustainable Industrial Transformation,’ hosted by the EIT Climate-KIC. He aims to raise awareness about the potential of Culture and Creative sectors in innovation, serving as catalysts and enablers for citizens’ climate action.

For enquiries connected to attendance of events and bilateral meetings:

Kira Xiao, Project coordinator and Assistant to Excellency Solheim, Europe – Asia Center

For enquiries connected to press and partnerships:

Matic Gajsek, Director for Europe, Europe – Asia Center


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