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Europe – Asia Center

Europe – Asia Center and H.E. Erik Solheim at COP28 in Dubai, UAE

Brussels November 30th, 2023

The United Nations (UN) annual climate change conference, also known as the ‘Conference of the Parties’ or ‘COP’, will in its 28th edition hosted in Dubai, between November 30th and December 12th 2023 bring together world leaders, ministers, negotiators and representatives of civil society to agree on how to address climate change.

The Europe-Asia Center is honoured to be a contributing partner to several high-level dialogue events and discussions, led by the center’s vice-chair H.E. Erik Solheim.

H.E. Erik Solheim, vice-chair of the Europe – Asia Center and former UN Deputy Secretary General and Executive director of UN Environment

H.E. Erik Solheim is scheduled to engage in various activities at the 2023 Climate Conference in the role of a featured speaker and distinguished guest, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in addressing climate change. His emphasis will be the promotion of climate action, carbon neutrality, green energy, low-carbon transition, and environmental protection.

The Europe – Asia Center as a partner of events and Excellency Solheim as vice-chair will dedicate considerable attention to the promotion of green energy. Recognizing the pivotal role that renewable energy plays in mitigating climate change, he will continue his advocacy work on the need for increased investment and innovation in this field. By shedding light on successful green energy initiatives from around the world, Erik Solheim aims to inspire nations to accelerate their transition towards cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.

Excellency Solheim will appear in a range of events hosted by countries, industry and civil society’s stakeholder represented at the conference. These events will focus on tailoring environmental protection strategies to each nation’s unique context. Notably, Excellency Solheim is scheduled to lead discussions with countries such as Spain, South Korea, India, China, European Union, and and others. The dialogues will encompass a wide array of environmental sectors, including new energy, green finance, governance and creativity.

As the world collectively strives for a greener and more resilient planet, Erik Solheim’s upcoming efforts are poised to stand as a testament to the power of international collaboration in the face of climate change. The contribution of Europe – Asia Center and Excellency Solheim at the 2023 Dubai Climate Change Conference reflect a comprehensive and inclusive approach to global environmental issues.

For enquiries connected to attendance of events and bilateral meetings:

Kira Xiao, Project coordinator and Assistant to Excellency Solheim, Europe – Asia Center

For enquiries connected to press and partnerships:

Matic Gajsek, Director for Europe, Europe – Asia Center


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