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Zhejiang Culture and Tourism Office

Dating back to ancient Greece and Roman empire, Europe has been exposed to, attracted and fascinated by Chinese culture through the Silk road trade route. The so called “Chinese Culture fever” has continued all the way to the Renaissance. In order to continue strengthening dialogue and promote the opportunities for collaboration, Europe – Asia Center is delighted to announce launch of the new strategic partnership with Zhejiang Provincial Government and launching the Zhejiang Culture and Tourism Office.

Europe – Asia Center’s Brussels office will be throughout a range of projects initiating several projects promoting dialogue and promoting rich cultural heritage of the province. It is a next step in our mission to establish high-level platform for a broader Sino – European cultural dialogue.

Among the initiated projects, we will in partnership with Zhejiang Cultural and Tourism Department launch new promotional products, including the Europe-oriented customized travel itinerary “The Grand Tour in Zhejiang” Travel Guide and “Beauties Harmonious”.

For more information about the project and possibilities for collaboration reach to Europe-Asia’s Deputy director Matic Gajsek (

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