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Jan-Ove Waldner – Liu Guoliang Cup


November 2021

For more than 50 years, Table Tennis has played an essential part through what is famously known as Ping-Pong diplomacy. It all started when the sport knitted bonds between the US and China in 1970. To promote dialogue and opportunities for collaboration, two of the Table tennis and sport’s legends, Jan-Ove Waldner and Liu Guoliang, are initiating a new flagship Sino – European platform Waldner – Guoliang Cup and Summit.

Organized in conjunction with the Waldner – Guoliang Cup, where selection of world’s best players are matched with the team of best Chinese players, Summit will present a high-level platform for a broader Sino – European dialogue. Using the uniting power of table tennis to unite people beyond national boarders, the Waldner – Guoliang Summit will create an unique platform for promotion of dialogue and stimulating the opportunities of collaboration within key sectors of Green and Blue Economy.

Europe – Asia Center is a strategic partner of the project. For more information about the project and possibilities for collaboration reach to Europe – Asia’s Deputy director Matic Gajsek (

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